Yard cleaning is a necessary evil to homeownership. To fully enjoy having your own place to fix up, decorate, renovate, and to relax in requires a certain amount of dedication that goes along with reaping the rewards. Yet, the satisfaction of beautifying a piece of property with the pride of ownership means that sometimes much of the work you put into your dwelling is done on weekends and evenings home when you really want to be relaxing and enjoying the quiet of your place of refuge with your family and friends.


When you picture life in your new home, you can visualize lying in a hammock listening to the birds chirping, setting up the sprinklers for the kids to run around with the neighborhood children, having a BBQ party with your best buddies on the back patio, or relaxing on the couch watching a good movie while snuggling with the pups. Very few of us imagine ourselves spending long weekends and evenings after work toiling away in our front lawns raking, mowing, and bagging grass and leaves. However, during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, there seems to be an unlimited amount of yard work that piles up along with the greenery debris. Wouldn’t you like to get on with the enjoyment of homeownership and leave the drudgery to a professional yard cleanup service? At ABQ Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on relieving you of all that monotonous work. Your yard cleaning is our bread and butter, and guess what? We love it!

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Leaf removal is a large part of fall yard work. And the more trees you have, the worse it can be, especially if the trees are large. Most cities and homeowner associations require that homeowners keep their street gutters, lawns, and gardens free of leaves. Not only is leaf removal a mandatory city or association rule, but leaves can also stifle the growth and health of a lawn and garden. While the nutrients in leaves can be of benefit to plants and trees, unless they are mulched up properly and mixed with soil to add to areas needing to be fertilized whole leaves take too long to decompose, so they clog the blades of grass and generally wreak havoc on garden plants by putting too much nitrogen into the soil.

At ABQ Lawn Care, we work hard to make your yard not only aesthetically beautiful to the eye, we know exactly how to clean up your yard to encourage the healthy growth of the surrounding plants and flowers by removing leaves en masse every year. Between raking, bagging, hauling, and removal, you can trust us at ABQ Lawn Care to provide the best yard cleanup services in the Albuquerque, NM area. And that means that you can get back to doing what you imagined doing when you bought your home.

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For most people, a clean house and yard translates to a quieter mindset. Clutter, debris, and piled up trash can make even the laziest person feel depressed. Therefore, it can be argued that lawn clean up actually encourages happiness when done regularly. And no one wants to be the one neighbor with the overgrown lawn full of weeds and dead leaves. Pride of ownership affects the entire neighborhood, and a house lot that is overgrown or unsightly can even affect property values in the area. That is why most people are very careful about the location of their home purchase or rental. They want to live near others that value their homes and neighbors by showing off and caring for the physical condition of the yard and home exterior.

By partnering with a lawn or yard clean up service such as ABQ Lawn Care, you can give back to your community and reap all the benefits of good neighborliness without having to lift a finger. And if time is money, how much wouldn’t you pay to gain those extra precious moments on the weekends with your family doing the things you love the most rather than toiling the hours away with back-breaking lawn cleaning? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little of a financial investment it can be to hire out your local yard cleanup and removal services with a reputable company such as ABQ Lawn Care.

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Keeping up with spring or fall lawn cleanup is important for the health of your yard and garden. Yet, all throughout the year, proper and regular cleanup improves both the look of your yard and also encourages better growth to all the plants, trees, flowers, and foliage. From backyard cleaning services to front lawn clean up, ABQ Lawn Care can service your entire yard either weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or seasonally so that you can relax and enjoy your free time in the most beautiful surroundings that you can imagine.

Wouldn’t you love to outsource your lawn and yard cleanup to eliminate the headache and sweat that goes along with raking and bagging leaves? We can help! Let us show you our best so that you can show off your home!

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As you can see, lawn cleanup is a high priority that is often overlooked as a consideration when buying or renting a property. When you lead a busy life, full of childcare, commuting for work commitments, and the occasional recreation activities, the last thing you want to be saddled with is extra mundane yard cleaning. You will be thrilled with the attention that we at ABQ Lawn Care can focus on your regular yard cleaning. Once you give us a try, we feel confident that you will never want to go back to long weekends of getting blisters on your hands and feet while attending to your back yard cleaning or front yard leaf removal.

Don’t let another season of your life go by without at least giving us a call to hear more about ABQ’s stellar yard cleanup services. We know that your time is precious. Let us give that time back to you so that you can watch your children grow, spend special time with your family, invite the neighbors over for that outdoor dinner party, all while surrounded with the healthiest, cleanest yard on the block. That’s is what we visualize for you. And we excel at bringing that visualization to your mind and life. Trust ABQ Lawn Care to provide the best yard and lawn cleanup services in Albuquerque, NM!

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