It is a well-known fact that a lawn sprinkler system can make or break any lawn or garden. Proper hydration is key to lawn and garden health, so it is no wonder that people desire the best methods for watering their yard greenery. A home yard sprinkler that is purchased at the local hardware store and set up by a homeowner just can’t possibly compare to a professionally installed sprinkler system, be it under or above ground.


ABQ Lawn Care is one of the top sprinkler system installation companies in Albuquerque, NM. We have the expert knowledge, experience, and equipment to install the best lawn sprinkler you could imagine. Using hunter sprinkler heads, orbit sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, pop-up sprinkler heads, automatic plant watering systems, or above ground or in-ground sprinkler systems, we can design a system and watering schedule that does all the watering work for you, so that you can spend your free time in play.

ABQ are experts in sprinkler system design and installing the best sprinklers and sprinkler heads in the business to keep your lawn and garden perfectly hydrated all year round. And we only use the highest quality parts so you can rest easy knowing your system will include the best sprinkler heads, the best lawn sprinklers, and the perfect garden water sprinklers on the market today.

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One of the most difficult issues of having a sprinkler system in your lawn or garden is the maintenance of it. When it works perfectly, there is little to do involving water. Using a water sprinkler timer to turn it on and off, your watering job in your home or office lawn or garden is easy. But when a problem arises such as a burned out sprinkler solenoid or a broken sprinkler system valve, chaos ensues. And these types of problems become emergencies very quickly, as your lawn and garden can die in a matter of a few days of missed watering. It is very important to have your sprinklers winterized and serviced regularly in order to stave off these types of emergencies.

In these cases, you must rely on an expert technician to diagnose and repair your sprinkler system as fast as possible and get your system back up and running before significant damage is done to your greenery. Trying to attempt a sprinkler system repair on your own is fraught with difficulty as most systems are too complex and technical to repair without the proper tools and training. ABQ has the expertise and knowledge to solve your sprinkler system repair before any damage takes root in your garden. When you leave it to ABQ Lawn Care to handle your lawn sprinkler repair, you can go back to work or play without worry.

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When you rely on an expert sprinkler system installer such as ABQ, you will notice immediately how efficient, easy-to-use, and perfectly timed your garden watering will be in your home or garden. Our mission at ABQ is to take the hassle, mystery, and labor out of your life so that you can get back to enjoying your weekends and free time with your family. The relaxation you will feel upon installing a professional, automatic sprinkler system can be transformative to how you view your time at home. Instead of wrestling with moving portable watering systems while you watch your Sunday football game, you can relax in the knowledge that your garden and grass will stay green without any disruption in your down time. That is our goal at ABQ. As one of the top sprinkler companies in New Mexico, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. And your newly installed sprinkler system will likewise be the best.

Trusting any lawn care company to install and maintain your beautiful garden and grass takes a leap of faith. While you don’t want to handle it all yourself, you might have had previous experiences with an unreliable service that ended up costing you a fortune in time and money when it was not handled correctly. ABQ has years of experience and satisfied clients to back up our claims that once you try our sprinkler system installation service, you will never go back to over the counter hose and head systems that you might rely on yourself. Using the best parts and service, our sprinkler irrigation packages will relieve you of the burden of time and stress so that you can get back to enjoying life with your family and friends in the garden and grass of your dreams.

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Gardens need perfect watering timing to grow prolifically. With myriad types of plants and flowers strewn throughout your garden, the delicate balance of nutrients, water, and sunlight can either set your garden up for success or ruin in overnight. Using an automatic watering system for your garden sprinkler or system will eliminate the guesswork in managing your home or office garden.

How does your garden grow? By using a perfectly installed sprinkler irrigation system for your garden from the beginning, you are free to enjoy life in your yard and garden and leave the watering to us. Let ABQ put you on the garden path to success when you choose us to install your next garden sprinkler system.

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You can trust ABQ to help design, install, and train you on using the best automatic sprinkler system on the market like the ones we provide. And from regular servicing to winterizing your sprinkler system by blowing out the lines, we at ABQ can handle your year-round sprinkler needs. At ABQ, it is our mission to offer our clients the best service available from design to installation to maintenance of your yard, lawn, and garden sprinkler systems. Our rates are competitive and our service is unsurpassed.

Get the best automatic sprinkler system installed by calling ABQ today. Get back to playing, not working in your yard or garden and leave the sweating to us. Your family will thank you for the time you have for fun instead of fretting. We guarantee that you will be overjoyed by the quality of life our watering systems bring to your home.

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