Many lawns tend to look worn, old, or develop brown spots over the years. That is a sure sign that it is not receiving the proper balance of nutrients. There are many reasons why nutrients might not be getting into the soil. Lack of sunshine or water, too many weeds, too many leaves left over the winter on the grass, too much traffic on the lawn, and myriad other factors can make a once lovely lawn look dull and dead. Once it loses its beautiful lush green color, one might think that its time to rip it out and start anew. Not so fast!


At ABQ Lawn Care, we know exactly how to diagnose your grass to decide what the best way to bring it back to life might be by using lots of different techniques we have mastered over the years. Lawn fertilization is a great way to begin reviving and maintaining your lawn every year to get the most out of the grass you have before it loses its luster. Grass fertilizer can be either organic or natural lawn fertilizer like compost or it could be a chemical-based fertilizer product. At ABQ Lawn Care, we have the proper tools and equipment, the knowledge of a range of products to suit your preferences, and the skills to expertly bring the bounce back into your yard lawn.

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The best lawn fertilizer starts with knowing when and how to do the job right. That’s why you can count on us at ABQ Lawn Care to be one of the best lawn fertilizer companies in the Albuquerque area. Not only do we know the best time to fertilize a lawn, we know the best ways to handle it depending on the type of grass or sod, how old the grass is and how long it has been since the last grass fertilization, and the best type of fertilizer for overseeding. Your grass needs balance, so proper maintenance is always the key to see it grow well without weeds, brown spots, or withering.

For the southern states, late spring or early summer is the best time to fertilize a lawn. Then another application can be done in the late summer as well. For milder parts of New Mexico where it does not frequently freeze, fall and winter fertilization is also possible. It would still be important to choose the best lawn fertilizer whether spring, summer, fall, or winter. And that is why it is important to choose a great lawn fertilizer company such as ABQ Lawn Care to help with your all-season lawn fertilizing.

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Fertilizing your grass is a perfect partner to the practice of overseeding your lawn. Whether dealing with turf or sod fertilizing, using a good fertilizer during the process of overseeding can maximize effectiveness. Compost can be used and raked in with a stiff broom prior to overseeding which really makes the fertilization and overseeding get into the soil. A good watering or rainfall after both processes will really help the seeds and fertilizer take root. Using a timed irrigation system in conjunction with your fertilization and overseeding practices is always preferable to hand watering.

Knowing the best times to fertilize grass is as important as using the right kinds of fertilizer. It is best to also fertilize new lawns to support healthy growth. Since nitrogen is really the key to growing great grass, there are specific types of fertilizer that have different levels of nutrient balance for particular kinds of soil, blends of grass seed, and climate conditions. And we at ABQ have our finger on the pulse of all the proper practices to get you and your lawn going and growing all year round.

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At ABQ Lawn Care, we’re not the type of company that just sprays or spreads chemicals and seeds without knowing what we are doing first. Our years of experience combined with the perfect spreading and aerating equipment will ensure that you get your money’s worth when you choose us for your lawn fertilizing company. And getting the most out of your lawn depends on proper and regular maintenance.

When you partner with a company such as ABQ Lawn Care, you can end up saving money in the long run by maintaining your lawn year-round with precision and perfection. Instead of replacing your lawn every year, a balance of practices that are affordable and easy to maintain is much more preferable. We take the guesswork out of growing beautiful lawns and gardens, so you can relax and enjoy your home knowing that experts are caring for it every step of the way. Imagine the relief of no longer having to manage your lawn care and annual fertilizing alone. When you leave it to us, ABQ Lawn Care will have your luscious lawn loving life in no time!

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Whether you are trying to save a dying lawn, or you want to maintain the lawn that you love, or you hope to get a few extra years out of your aging lawn, we can help you to choose the right type of fertilizer that works for you and your grass. If you prefer a natural fertilizer or like the results of a chemical approach, we can offer you a range of grass fertilization products and services that suit your needs. And our equipment is far superior to store-bought seeders and spreaders, so your results will be fast and assured.

For most busy people, learning all there is to know about proper fertilization is just too time-consuming. Choosing a reputable company like ABQ Lawn Care can offer you peace of mind, ease of processes, and expert results every time. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted lawn fertilization companies in Albuquerque, NM. And that comes with a certain level of perfection that we expect from our work, products, and services. We know how hard it is to choose the right lawn care specialists to trust in your home and garden. That’s why we always go the extra mile to make every customer feel comfortable with every service and product we recommend.

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