Everyone loves a lush, green lawn. But getting and keeping that perfect lawn look is not as easy as it might seem. To achieve the yard lawn and garden of your dreams takes everything from great grass seed, proper nutrients like sun and water, fertilizer and chemicals, tools of all kinds, and a perfect combination of knowledge, hard work, and perhaps the most precious resource, TIME! When you look at that list of needs, it can be daunting to think of growing or maintaining your lovely lawn. And yet, a home surrounded by beautiful grass, trees, flowers, and bushes is one of the most desirable visions that a homeowner wishes to achieve.


What is the biggest trouble a lawn can face? Weeds. One tiny word is such a giant problem in most lawn ecosystems. And if left to proliferate, weeds can completely decimate a yard or garden in the matter of a year. People will try almost anything to keep their lawns weed-free. From spraying numerous chemicals to hand pulling unsightly sprigs, a lawn lover is plagued by thoughts of weeds overtaking the gardens and grasses.

At ABQ Lawn Care, we feel your pain. One of our biggest jobs as a company is helping people to achieve the perfect grass for their front yard, back yard, or garden. From sod installation to installing underground sprinklers on timers, we do our best to use all the tried and true methods to conquer your weed control issues year-round. Because we consider ourselves experts in growing gorgeous greenery, we take pride in helping you to keep your lawn looking lovely throughout the year. And that means we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to remove the weed nightmare out of your green dream.

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Proper lawn care is key to weed control. Through the implementation of correct practices, weeds will be discouraged from growing at all. In the best-case scenario, weed control through the use of hard work and hazardous chemicals are the last resort. By partnering with a weed control specialist such as ABQ Lawn Care, you can give yourself a fighting chance to survive the havoc that weeds can wreak on your lawn ecosystem.

For example, keeping a weed-free garden starts with soil testing to determine what type of fertilizer you might need. When your garden is nutrient deficient, weeds will find their way to grow. So processes such as regular soil testing and fertilization coupled with good crabgrass and sandbur preventer can make all the difference in sending you off to a fresh, green lawn start! Overseeding a weedy lawn can also help to knock down those pesky weeds.

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We at ABQ Lawn Care consider ourselves to be experts in weed removal because we implement all the correct techniques for encouraging healthy grass growth throughout the process. In addition to soil testing and fertilization, mowing the grass at the right times also discourages weed growth. We let your grass and dreams grow a little longer as that time will support new seed growth. Cutting the grass too short reduces bugs, water retention, and nutrient support. Also, mowing at the right time of day will help with lawn growth and therefore decrease weed issues. Mowing during the high heat of the day causes stress and more water requirement, so mowing later in the day will help to keep the weeds at bay.

When all else fails, putting a little elbow grease into removing weeds with hard work and chemicals is a must. Between weed killers, power washing, overseeding, and expert weed pulling, no matter what the problem, ABQ Lawn Care has the solution for all your weed control needs. Don’t wait until your weeds become a health disaster to your lawn or garden. Rely on us at ABQ Lawn Care to come to the rescue!

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Whether you are planting a new sod lawn or trying to maintain your mature lawn, ABQ offers the best lawn care weed control service in the area. We are steeped in the proper practices and services that will make your garden grow, literally! From installation to the diagnosis of a weedy lawn, ABQ Lawn Care will truly be able to make the difference for you and your grass.

Don’t spend your precious weekends worrying about weeds. Relieve yourself of the burden by partnering with the best weed control services that money can buy. And believe us, between do-it-yourself weedkiller processes and the time that you will spend trying to manage the task on your own, our services will prove to be a fraction of the cost. You can count on ABQ Lawn Care to help you achieve the kind of lawn that will turn your neighbors’ heads as they drive past your place.

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You’re a busy person. Between childcare, work responsibilities, family burdens, and financial worries, you have your hands full. Let ABQ Lawn Care become your trusted weed control company and we’ll fill our hands with your weeds while you keep your attention on the things that matter the most. There’s never been a better time than now to sign up with us for your monthly and yearly weed control service needs.

Everyone wants a lovely lawn. But committing to all the time, energy, skill, and investment of tools and knowledge is something that not everyone can afford. For the small price to hire out your weed control services with a professional weed management company like ABQ Lawn Care, you can relax and enjoy the lawn of your vision while you relax the days away in the hammock or on the patio with your friends. Don’t just dream of the perfect lawn. Call on ABQ Lawn Care to help you bring that vision to fruition as we grow your lawn with care. From seed to manifestation, we at ABQ will turn your front yard, back yard, and garden into a showplace for you to enjoy!

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