Trees are one of the most beautiful adornments nature has to offer a front or back yard, office, or home landscape project. Trees can provide shade from the sun, privacy from neighboring houses, and micronutrients for the soil of lawns and gardens. They have a complex communication process between one another and the health of surrounding bushes, grasses, and flowers depends of the health of the network of trees in any home or office yard. Proper tree spacing, tree planting, tree pruning, and tree or shrub removal of compromised trees are of paramount importance to growing healthy green havens.


ABQ Lawn Care has all the expert knowledge, experience, and tree care equipment that you might expect from the best tree service company in Albuquerque, NM. We truly have a green thumb when it comes to knowing where to plant trees and how to care for them. We couple our years of experience in cutting, removing, and caring for trees with our dedication to excellent customer and tree service in the business.

When looking for the best tree care in the area, you can look to ABQ Lawn Care for all tree planting, trimming, and pruning needs. Whether you need local tree stump, root, or branch/limb removal, stump grinding, tree planting, or small or large tree removal services, you can count on our licensed, bonded, and fully insured tree service to get the job done safely and with a holistic approach to growing and maintaining your yard or office trees.

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Tree trimming is not done purely for aesthetic purposes. Trees have a certain number of cells, a limited number of branches and a network of fibers that are balanced to provide nutrients to leaves, to filter and clean the air we breathe, and to pull water, oxygen, and nutrients from the earth in order to be sustained. Trees also give nutrients to surrounding plant and insect life in your home yard or garden. Hacking off tree limbs without understanding this perfect plant system not only impacts the health of the tree, it can affect all the surrounding trees and wildlife alike. It is for those reasons, we at ABQ always recommend consulting with a professional tree care company before removing any limbs from your existing yard trees.

While some tree trimming companies might not know the science of the system of trees as complex plant beings, we at ABQ have studied the techniques of proper tree trimming and consider ourselves experts in tree and shrub care. For tree trimming and pruning, you can rely on ABQ to nourish, not damage the delicate balance of your network of trees and bushes. Trimming tree branches and their removal is an art form all its own. And our professional tree trimming costs are extremely affordable. Put away the loppers and call ABQ to help you trim your trees perfectly every time using our high-grade tree trimming equipment and expert knowledge.

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For the health of all the trees in your yard, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. It can be in the way of new construction, can suffer from splits, damage, or can be infected with certain invasive species of bugs, making it essential to be removed before it can affect the health of the surrounding plants and trees. Tree or stump removal is not only difficult especially in the cases of large tree removal it can be dangerous to try to do on your own.

Between the possibility of the tree falling the wrong way and damaging your home or deck, and the possibility of accident or injury to yourself, family members, or property, we always recommend hiring a professional tree removal service such as ABQ Lawn Care. Be it fallen tree removal, small tree stump removal, dead tree removal, split or damaged tree removal, we have the right touch, gear, and insurance to provide security in every tree removal instance. Our tree or stump removal services are affordable, reliable, and safe. And our stump grinding costs are equally reasonable. You can trust us to provide the best tree trimming prices. Call us today to get a tree removal estimate on our large or small tree removal costs and services.

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Tree planting can be done anytime, but it’s best to try to do it in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild and precipitation is more regular. Tree planting in the summer is not as preferable since drought and heat can slow the rooting of your new tree. Perfectly balanced soil is needed for healthy trees to grow, so consulting with a local tree service such as ABQ Lawn Care before you plant is preferable. We are experts in balancing soil, preparing the ground, choosing the right spacing and tree species, and planting small and large trees alike. From there, proper tree maintenance will be crucial in setting up your new trees for success. A professional tree service can make the most out of your tree planting investment.

Hiring a company such as ABQ to advise during the tree planting season when planning a grouping or single tree for your home or office yard will help you be able to let go of the worry about understanding all the science and safety needed for the perfect tree planting process. Turn over a new leaf and leave your tree maintenance services to ABQ Lawn Care and you can sit back, relax on your front porch and enjoy watching your trees grow and mature with each passing season. Your yard tree and shrub care shouldn’t be a burden to you. Trees are planted in your garden to beautify and enhance your home life.

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Tree pruning and cutting is a delicate process. Dead or withering limbs are easy enough to diagnose, but other healthy limbs should also be pruned to help your trees grow properly as they mature. Tree and shrub trimming, pruning, and maintenance should be done annually for best tree growing practices. A professional tree pruning service such as ours at ABQ Lawn Care can help you achieve the look, the feel, the design, and the healthiest grove of trees that you could imagine.

When you choose to contract with ABQ Lawn Care as your tree care company, we will plan, organize, and execute all the tree and bush pruning, trimming, planting and removing with precision so that you do not have to worry anymore about your garden and lawn trees. We will get you on a regular maintenance schedule that is affordable and easy to achieve. And that means your shrubs and trees will flourish all year round under our specialized tree care services.

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From tree cutting, trimming, pruning, planting, and removal, ABQ Lawn Care is your partner in growing the best groves, the best lawns, and the best green surroundings that nature has to offer. Be it residential or commercial tree services, we excel at extraordinary tree care services. For the longevity, health, and maintenance of your garden or yard trees, you can look to ABQ Lawn Care for all your tree care needs.

ABQ Lawn Care can offer the best tree care services in the area. The fact is, we love trees. And we want to see you relieved of the worry, stress, and learning curve of trying to handle everything from tree stump removal to planting the most beautiful trees to decorate and balance your yard aesthetics. When you partner with ABQ Lawn Care, you and your trees have tree specialist friends for life.

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