What is xeriscaping or xeriscape landscaping? Xeriscape is a Greek word that translates as “dry” indicating low or no water needs. As a form of landscaping, a xeriscape garden is created using desert species of plants that require little watering yet offer beautiful blooms, cactus and other succulents, rocks, sand, wood chips, and natural low water grasses. Xeriscape landscaping is perfect for climates in southern states such as in Albuquerque, NM since the desert offers so many varieties of xeriscape plants that grow even in the wild.


Xeriscaping your front or backyard is one of the most efficient and low maintenance choices when designing a home or office garden. There is little pruning, weed management, and watering to be done so xeriscaping is both cost and time efficient for busy households. Since xeriscape plants can be as lovely as they are hearty, one need not sacrifice aesthetics when choosing a xeriscape landscape design.

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Using a combination of beautiful rocks, xeriscape grass, xeriscape ground cover, xeriscape plants, xeriscape bushes and shrubs, xeriscape flowers, and xeriscape trees, a landscaping plan starts with xeriscape ideas that can help you save water, time, and money, while still providing all the beauty to be had with a full water blooming garden. There are even options for xeriscape lawns using grasses that take little or no water, such as zoysiagrass, which is perfect in desert climates and grows as beautifully as in a golf course or park.

Some states such as New Mexico also offer rebates on water bills for removing certain amounts of lawn and installing xeriscaping, so that can mean money back in your pocket every year. And ecologically, xeriscaping just makes good sense when trying to conserve water. Not only is a xeriscape landscaping design quite attractive, but it is also environmentally friendly, helpful to the planet, and cost-effective.

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A xeriscape design really is the perfect choice for anyone that works full time or that has small children and lots of pets that will put wear and tear on classic high water shrubs and grasses. It is also of benefit to those that travel a lot, seniors or retired people needing something of lower maintenance, and for folks that do not enjoy spending long hours tending high maintenance garden designs.

You can look to us at ABQ Lawn Care to help you in your research and to design a xeriscape plan for your home or office garden that you will love. Call us anytime and we can guide your xeriscape landscaping ideas to develop a plan that works best for you, your home aesthetics, and your maintenance needs. We are available to answer your xeriscaping questions.

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Xeriscaping your front yard takes a bit of planning, choosing the right plants, and designing levels and varieties that grow well together and compliment each other visually and ecologically. We take a companion planting approach when helping you design your front yard xeriscaping plan so that the plants can help nourish each other while creating a visually stunning, low maintenance garden that perfectly suits your personal taste and home style.

At ABQ Lawn Care, we consider ourselves experts in knowing how and where to xeriscape your yard so as to offer you a healthy, easy-to-maintain garden that looks great all year round. And the xeriscape cost is surprisingly affordable. Since it saves on water and maintenance effort and time, it is a wise choice for anyone on a budget. For xeriscape plans in New Mexico, you can look to ABQ to create the most beautiful xeriscape design to dazzle your entire neighborhood.

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Just drive around New Mexico and you will see so many examples of xeriscaping around homes, in shopping centers, along the highways, and adorning office building yards everywhere. Xeriscape plants are incredibly hearty, vibrant, and drought-resistant, so they are great for businesses to help minimize landscaping maintenance costs. And the wide variety of xeriscape plants might surprise you. A desert xeriscape design is neither boring nor bland. You are not just limited to cactus and succulents, contrary to popular assumption.

From the tall bushy grasses to bright, blooming flowers, to low water short and large trees and bushes, cute cacti of all sizes and colors, stunning succulents, multi-colored rocks, a variety of sand in different grain size and colors, thick growing ground cover, and shaggy mulch, there are huge lists and databases online to help you research the types of plants you might like to see in your xeriscape landscape plan. You can even search for xeriscape landscape design ideas to see how full and luscious a xeriscape front yard can look. And we have thousands of those species to show you when you contact ABQ Lawn Care to design and install your yard xeriscape.

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Desert xeriscaping looks wonderful in New Mexico, as it is natural to see desert plants in the area. And we at ABQ Lawn Care are experts in xeriscaping, so you can trust us to make just the right choices for your next xeriscape project if you do not already have plants and designs in mind. We can work with you through every step to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for in your xeriscape design.

When you choose ABQ Lawn Care to design and install your garden xeriscape, we guarantee that you will reap all the benefits that a low water maintenance garden can offer. From saving water, time, and money, we know you will fall in love with your yard and your easy-care xeriscape design. Contact ABQ Lawn Care today and we can offer you a free consultation before you get started gathering plant species ideas and working on a design yourself. Or hand over the planning and planting to us and we will show you just how incredible a xeriscape plan can look in your front or backyard, in your garden, or at your office or workplace. Call ABQ Lawn Care today!

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