Power washing is an art form all its own. One might think it is just a process of spraying water to clean off stained or dirty surfaces. Well, that’s partially true, but knowing what surfaces, which technique, and what type of chemicals or either cool or hot temperatures of water to use can be tricky. If not done properly, pressure or power washing can wreak havoc on paint, concrete, decking, siding, windows, and grass. So, knowing the right style of washing is key to proper power or pressure washing.


Most people think that power and pressure washing are terms that are used interchangeably. However, there is a very important distinction between the two processes. Though both use pressurized water to wash driveways, siding, decks, or windows, power washing adds heat to the water, making it both more effective and also more delicate of a process depending on what surface is being washed. You have to really know the right type of washing, the correct balance of added chemicals, and the right temperature of water to use when trying to achieve cleaning goals at home.

Many people try to accomplish power washing with over-the-counter pressure washing systems that can be bought at the local hardware stores. Those products just cannot compare to the efficiency of commercial power and pressure washers. They do not put out enough pressure or heat to really get the toughest of jobs done. At ABQ Lawn Care, we not only have the best equipment, but we also have years of experience determining the right process and power for the home cleaning jobs that cause the most problems.

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From deck pressure washing to exterior siding washing, to power washing your entire house, to driveway pressure cleaning, ABQ Lawn Care can handle it all. Whether you hire us to power wash your weeds or power rake your lawn of leaves, or whether you want your driveway or deck pressure washed to remove the chalk or gum, or you need the dust and dirt pressure washed off your vinyl siding, ABQ can determine the best practice and tools to solve your sticky situation. And we know all the surfaces that cannot be power or pressure washed easily as well, such as sandstone, painted items, asphalt, or stained wood.

When the going gets tough, it’s best to choose a professional power washing service to be sure that the process is safe, correct for the surface, and effective for the size and scope of the problem. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! And we at ABQ Lawn Care are the best residential power washing company in the area, so you trust us to bring the right touch to your tough tasks. Be it to power wash your house or pressure wash your fence, you can trust us at ABQ Lawn Care to know the right care for each project.

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Our pressure washing services are the best in Albuquerque, so we are right at home cleaning your home or office building. From our exterior house cleaning services to our commercial business exterior pressure or power washing, we will always use the best care in selecting the perfect technique and tools for each task. Our commercial pressure and power washers are state-of-the-art and are always maintained and used with precision and care.

Using a commercial pressure or power washer can be dangerous, so for the toughest jobs, we always recommend calling a professional to help. Damage to your property or a family member is likely if you do not know how to use a commercial pressure or power washer. So, please, even if you are the most die-hard do-it-yourself kind of person, call us first at ABQ Lawn Care to consult on your job before renting your own pressure or power washer. And we’ll help you determine the surface size and texture to be washed, and whether you should use hot or cool water on the desired surface to get the job done right. But we always ascribe to the old adage, better safe than sorry, so let us do the job for you and you’ll always be glad you did.

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Pressure and power washing your house are normally best done in spring and fall when freezing temperatures are not a risk to the surfaces that need pressure or power cleaning. Power or pressure washing in the winter can cause the surfaces to expand and contract, therefore damaging the surfaces you have had cleaned. Also, spring and fall can be the messiest times of the year when strong wind, heavy rain, blowing leaves, and pesky weeds start to create dust on siding, water spots on windows, fallen debris in the yard, and unsightly foliage in your garden.

We always recommend hiring a knowledgeable company to assess your home pressure washing needs before you decide what and when to clean. Call ABQ Lawn Care for a no-obligation consultation to determine the right time, the best tools, and the perfect solution for your home cleaning projects. When safety and satisfaction are your aims, we at ABQ Lawn Care exceed the marks every time.

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When big projects such as pressure washing your house siding come along, think of ABQ Lawn Care as your partner. It is our mission to relieve you of the worry, stress, danger, and the cost of the typical do-it-yourself home project. Because our prices are both low and competitive, we consider ourselves to be the leader in home cleaning services in the Albuquerque area. And we at ABQ are licensed, bonded, fully insured, and properly trained, so you never have to worry when hiring us for any home cleaning job.

Let us take the pressure off of you with our residential and commercial pressure and power washing services. Your home will be clean, safe, and well maintained year after year when you choose ABQ Lawn Care to fulfill your every home cleaning need. Because we pride ourselves on our accomplishments, we know that you will rest easy knowing that your home is taken care of by our professional pressure and power washing practices.

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