When your lawn doesn’t look healthy and green like it did as you remember, it could be that it is suffering from overgrown thatch, and lack of oxygen, nutrients, and water. This is a very common problem. Over time as you mow, bits of grass begin to build up near the soil that is not removed when raking and bagging your clippings. A little bit of leftover grass can be of benefit as if will add nutrients to the soil and grass. But if left too long as it builds up, you’ll notice a change in the grass. It will begin to feel spongy and you cannot see the soil or poke a screwdriver into it easily.


There are several ways to bring your lawn back to life when this occurs. Aeration and dethatching can provide the answers you need. Hiring a professional lawn dethatching service is always the best way to ensure that the proper practices are applied to bring your brown or wilting grass back to life. Though you can do dethatching by yourself, we at ABQ can offer excellent lawn dethatching services to solve the problem at affordable prices. Using simple techniques such as lawn dethatching will save thousands of dollars in the long run when your lawn finally dies from lack of nutrients.

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Dethatching should be done when your lawn seems to be clogged with discarded grass, feels spongy, or when water and fertilizer do not seem to be working properly to grow your grass into the lush lawn you desire. Early spring or early fall dethatching is perfect for cool-season grasses and late spring through early summer after the second mowing is great for warm-season grasses. Dethatching should always be done when the grass is actively growing and moist.

Some thatch will protect against disease and discourage weeds while providing insulation during times of high heat and sun. Too much thatch will cut off the oxygen supply and keep fertilizer from reaching the soil. Using the tried and true techniques of aerating the soil and dethatching the lawn will restore the perfect conditions for your lawn to thrive once again. Once the decaying thatch is removed, though your lawn will look bare for a while, adding fertilizer and watering the grass for a few weeks afterward will greatly improve the look and feel of your lawn.

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Lawn aeration and dethatching is not rocket science. However, it can be arduous and sensitive. Removing too much thatch will leave the lawn unprotected from the elements. Knowing exactly how and when, and using the best kinds of dethatching tools to accomplish the project will ensure the best results. We at ABQ love bringing an existing lawn back to its full beauty. So, we have become experts in the process over the years. Between having all the proper equipment and having the correct processes to achieve the results, ABQ Lawn Care can make the task easy and successful every time.

Combining the techniques of aeration, where we poke small holes throughout the lawn, dethatching to remove old grass, and fertilizing the lawn, ABQ Lawn Care can bring back even the most damaged lawns within one season. You’ll notice the difference right away after using our lawn restoration services. Do not let it go too long before calling a professional such as ABQ Lawn Care or you may be in danger of losing your lawn completely, which can be costly to rip up and plant new sod. Before it gets that bad, we always recommend calling a professional to help.

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Dethatching a lawn is easy with the right tools and methods. It can literally save an aging or weakened grass ecosystem after the very first dethatching. Regular maintenance of your lawn will always keep your grass looking its best. So, you may need to dethatch every year depending on your lawn mowing technique. When you partner with ABQ Lawn Care, we will service your lawn regularly and perfectly throughout the year to cut down on costly processes and procedures when emergencies eventually occur. Rely on ABQ Lawn Care for all your lawn needs and you will notice consistently beautiful grass from year to year. That is our promise to you.

Call us at ABQ Lawn Care today so that we may come out and assess your aging lawn to determine the best practices and procedures that will bring spring back into your yard. We will never recommend a process that will not be of benefit to you and your lawn. From dethatching a lawn to installing in-ground or above-ground sprinkler systems, we will always use the perfect remedy for the specific problems from which your lawn suffers.

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Do not wait until your grass shows the signs of weakening, discoloration, bare spots, or that spongy feeling. Getting ahead of the decaying process is always preferable to treating a dying lawn after the fact. Using a trusted professional such as ABQ Lawn Care throughout the year will prolong the times in between needing to aerate, dethatch, or fertilize your lawn. Over the counter chemicals and practices are no match for a nutrient-deficient lawn ecosystem. When you rely on ABQ Lawn Care, you can count on us to give you the best grass, the best look and feel, and the healthiest lawn you could ever imagine.

Your weekends and evenings are precious times. Why waste them by doing tedious lawn work when you have a service such as ABQ Lawn Care at your beck and call? Spend your quiet time with your family, friends, fur babies, and in the comfort of a home garden and lawn cared for by the best. ABQ Lawn Care wants to give you the gift of gorgeous grass so that you do not have to worry anymore about the drudgery of doing it yourself. Count on ABQ Lawn Care and free up your valuable time for the things that matter the most.

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