At ABQ Lawn Care, we know everything there is to know about lawn overseeding. And we know you want to know about it too, right? What exactly is the meaning of overseeding a lawn? That’s a good question. We tend to think of overeating, oversleeping, and other “over” words as having a negative connotation. So, we know how confusing overseeding might sound. So let’s go over a few basics about overseeding.


There are so many reasons why overseeding is a great way to revive and grow grass. Overseeding a lawn is the practice of adding new grass seed to fill in bare, brown, or worn spots to encourage new growth and choke out weeds and foxtails in your lawn. Over the years, pets, kids playing, friends hanging out, moving traffic, watering, and improper nutrients caused by extreme heat, low water, poor sunlight, or low amount of fertilization can really take a toll on lawn grass. Overseeding can provide a low cost, low maintenance solution for your withering lawn grass.

You can see the signs of it everywhere. Bare spots, brown grass most of the year, holes, weed proliferation, and more. Think of overseeding as giving your grass a makeover. Overseeding is an inexpensive way to bring your aging grass back to life. And at ABQ Lawn Care, we consider ourselves experts in the field of overseeding lawns, so we’re gonna tell you everything there is to know about overseeding but were afraid to ask!

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When to reseed a lawn depends on the state of the grass and the climate in which you live. In general, the best time to reseed a lawn will be when the temperatures are warmer but still wet. Therefore, spring and fall reseeding are perfect. For climates like New Mexico, early spring reseeding into summer and fall reseeding are the best times to overseed a lawn. Too much heat, too little water will wreak havoc on your newly seeded lawn, so proper watering will be necessary for about two weeks after overseeding. The best way to handle the water requirements is always with a timed in-ground or overground sprinkler system to ensure proper coverage and amount of water flow.

The best way to reseed a lawn is to start with removing and preparation. Reseeding takes a bit of time upfront by aerating the soil, or perhaps dethatching to remove some of the old, dead grass first. Then a fresh but short mowing and bagging the clippings will expose the soil more and get the lawn ready for reseeding.

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Choosing the best type of grass seed is very important when overseeding your lawn. You would want to know what type of grass you already have then choose a seed that will fill in well and mix with the old grass. Depending on the type you already have, you would choose a new seed that will be the right size, density, color, and consistency to blend well with the current grass. And we know all the best types, so you will be guided through the process every step of the way.

The second aspect of choosing the seed is to know how much seed to use when overseeding a lawn. Too much or too little will not yield the results you are looking for, so knowing the right square footage and then measuring the portions that will go into the spreader is the key to great overseeding. Don’t worry! ABQ Lawn Care has you and your lawn covered . . . with the right seed, the correct amount, the proper preparation techniques, and the best spreaders, so you don’t need to remember all of this!

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There is no reason why you should automatically assume that you need brand new sod installation when you see the inevitable signs of brown or bare spots in your grass. Overseeding could bring that soil and grass back to life when you choose a professional reseeding company to take on your grass woes. Sometimes reseeding just doesn’t quite do the trick and you may decide to install new grass next year. But for this time around, giving reseeding a try cannot hurt. Especially if you are on a budget and just want to bring the bounce and green color back to your front or back yard.

We at ABQ Lawn Care will take a look at your lawn and help you determine the best way to accomplish your goal of giving your lawn a makeover. We will never recommend a process that will be of no benefit to you, so you are safe with us knowing that we will expertly diagnose your lawn problem and choose the right practice to fit into your budget and bring your lawn back to life. Our promise to you is that we are one of the best reseeding companies in the entire state, so we know grass like nobody’s business. Whether you want that golf course look or a wild grass feeling or a low water grass type for low maintenance, we can help you choose the best technique, the best seed, and the perfect practice to give your grass the lift it needs.

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All of us can use a bit of a makeover as we age. And your grass is no different. Your lawn says a lot about your lot in the neighborhood, so we know it’s important to you to keep it looking good and growing healthily over the years. And we know that you don’t always want to spend a lot of money to make lawn and garden improvements. Let ABQ Lawn Care show you how easy overseeding can be when you choose the right company to help. 

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll get you started by checking out your current lawn, advising you on our assessment of it and how it could benefit from overseeding in the spring, summer, or fall, and then we’ll get started making your grass look and feel like new again. Give yourself the gift of green grass.

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