Hedge trimming is like sculpting with a purpose. It is not merely done as an aesthetic practice. There is a scientific method to shrub trimming that encourages proper growth, size, shape and healthy nutrient uptake in your garden hedges. Pruning bushes is therefore not as easy as taking a hedge cutter to your bushes in the hopes of making them into lovely hedge shapes. Pruning shrubs is a practice requiring vision and knowledge to get the most out of the method. We at ABQ Lawn Care know that practice like the back of our hand. Let us show you how lovely your hedges can look when you choose ABQ Lawn Care to properly prune your bushes, shrubs, and hedges.


ABQ Lawn Care offers a full menu of shrub cutting ranging from hedge trimming services to hedge removal. We are experts at creating beautiful hedge shapes, pruning and cutting bushes, and hedge removal so that you do not have to worry about whether your hedges will grow healthily as they are pruned throughout the year. When you leave your shrub trimming and removal to a professional hedge trimmer such as ABQ Lawn Care, you will rest easy while we care for your hedges completely and correctly.

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Proper pruning and trimming of your shrubs begins with assessing the strength and surface area of the plant matter involved. If too much of the plant is removed through shrubbery trimming, the bushes will not have a large enough network to deliver proper nutrients from the soil to the rest of the leaves. It’s a delicate balance between knowing how much, when, and what to prune.

The best time to plant shrubs is in the spring, which is the perfect time to get the most out of new bushes. It will start the plant off right by giving it a head start before high heat and drought while putting it in the moist spring ground. Trimming bushes can be done in the spring, summer, and fall as long as the plants are not getting too much cold or hot weather and enough sun and water. Though there are some shrubs that are better than others to plant in the spring, ABQ Lawn Care knows just the right species that will grow the best in Albuquerque, NM, so we will always offer the right ideas for planting in all seasons. From pruning overgrown shrubs to knowing the best times to plant bushes, you can rely on ABQ Lawn Care to be your go-to for a professional hedge-cutting contractor.

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Hedge maintenance is a delicate process, no doubt. From trimming large hedges to perfectly balancing and trimming box hedges, we at ABQ Lawn Care take caring for your hedges very seriously. When a hedge is properly cared for throughout its life span, it can last for years. Still, there are times when an entire hedge system has been damaged by improper cutting and pruning, when it has become overgrown and nutrient deficient, or when it is in the way of home renovation or view. That could mean that you are in need of shrub removal services such as what we offer at ABQ Lawn Care. From diagnosis to digging it up, our hedge removal services are top-notch.

We at ABQ Lawn Care will never remove a healthy plant unless you want it done to open up space for something new. You can trust ABQ Lawn Care to know when and how to remove hedges with skill and attention to the entire ecosystem of your lawn and garden. We consider ourselves the leader in the area in hedge planting, trimming shrubs in shapes, and removing old or troublesome hedges from your yard.

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Shrub and hedge trimming can be easy and painless when done regularly with care. Don’t wait until you see signs of weakness, disease, or bare spots in your hedges to call on a professional to help. We at ABQ Lawn Care can take a look at the problem and head it off at the pass before deep surgery of the plant is required. Regular maintenance is always the key to keeping costs low, keeping the plant healthy, and servicing your entire garden and lawn look.

Some hedge cutting companies might just trim off the top like a barber giving a haircut. We at ABQ Lawn Care know how to sculpt trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges to look their best every time, all the time. You will never have to worry that we will take off too much, too little, or damage your hedges in any way. Our hedge cutting services are guaranteed to be the best in the business and we pride ourselves on keeping our community’s hedges and planter boxes looking great all year round.

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Whether you are looking to plant new shrubs in the spring or needing your hedges trimmed in the fall, we at ABQ Lawn Care have all the best tools, equipment, experience, and expertise to get the job done perfectly every time. Put away your clippers and loppers and leave the hedge trimming chores to ABQ Lawn Care and you’ll notice how lovely your hedges and shrubs look from year to year. Our goal is to relieve you of tedious tasks so that you can get back to doing what you love the most when you are enjoying precious weekend and evening time with your family.

Imagine calling on us for your every lawn and garden care need, coming home to a perfectly groomed yard each day, and seeing your new trees and bushes grow to their potential when you partner with ABQ Lawn Care. For the small cost of regular maintenance, you will be amazed at how lovely your surroundings will be when you choose ABQ Lawn Care to handle all your lawn and garden needs. Using proven methods, the best equipment, and the perfect touch, we will nurture your foliage to grow healthily and happily throughout every season. Rely on ABQ Lawn Care today. Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your grass, hedge, tree, flower, and plant needs.

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