Finding a lawn care company that you can trust to truly manage and cultivate your beautiful home or commercial landscape can be challenging for anyone who really wishes to grow a healthy lawn and garden both for an excellent presentation and for the future health of the surrounding natural environment. Just pruning, clipping, and mowing is not enough to mitigate problems such as bare or brown spots in your lawn, dying trees suffering from nutrient imbalance or disease, and invasive weed species control. Trying to handle such a huge job yourself can rob you of weekend down time and can drain your resources when you must learn everything there is to know about the myriad needs of healthy lawns and gardens. Even if landscaping is your hobby, anything but a small lawn or garden can quickly become a headache to maintain year round.


ABQ Lawn Care is one of the leading lawn care specialists located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our trained staff members are experts in lawn and garden care, holding all the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to not only maintain your lawn and trees, but to help your garden grow and transform over the years. From overseeding your existing lawn to helping to fill in the bare or brown spots, to cleaning up dead or overgrown yards, to mowing, trimming, landscaping, lawn and sprinkler installation, and other specialized services, we at ABQ are not just lawn mowers and snow removers, we are artists in the field of growing great greenery.

Imagine arriving for the weekend in your beautiful garden to find the healthiest trees, low-water desert plants, the greenest grass freshly mowed, and gorgeous blooms beautifying your family garden. Now imagine that you didn’t have to lift a finger to see that vision be realized. Instead, you spend your free time enjoying the fruits of our labor in the sacred space of your dreams while you barbeque, relax, play with your children and relatives, and breathe in the fresh air of the New Mexico climate in the refuge of your home garden. That is the vision we wish to make a reality for you.



We are committed to maintaining your lawn so that you can stay committed to what matters most to you. We offer a whole host of services both residential and commercial to keep your turf and perimeter looking their very best. We utilize only the best equipment, and our talented, experienced personnel truly care. If you care about your lawn, choose ABQ Lawn Care.

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Controlling pesky weeds in a lawn or garden is one of the most labor intensive, sensitive processes we manage. Weeds affect every aspect of your lawn and garden from aesthetic to health. Not only are weeds unsightly, once they take over your lawn or garden, they can ruin it quite quickly. Weeds cannot be controlled or eliminated simply by spraying dangerous chemicals or through the backbreaking work of pulling each and every one of them. There is a specialized method to minimizing weeds and encouraging healthy plants to overtake weeds in any healthy lawn ecosystem. And we have years of experience doing just that. 

Don’t spend your free time after work and during your precious weekends trying to manage weeds in your grass and garden. Rely on ABQ Lawn Care to create balance in your lawn, and therefore balance in your life so that you can get back to doing what you love with those you love the most. Leave the expert care of your lawn weeds to us, and you can use your back strength for more exciting weekend adventures around the great state of New Mexico, or at home lifting your grandchildren up to reach the backyard swing set.



The term lawn aeration is a fancy way of saying encouraging necessary nutrients and giving your grass the air it needs to breathe. Using specialized equipment, we at ABQ Lawn Care know exactly how to create tiny holes throughout your lawn, which assists in the proliferation of everything from nutrients to critters such as worms and bugs that will do the work to give oxygen to your grass. Lawn aeration is crucial in the development of a healthy lawn. It supports everything from that desired deep, green color, to eliminating brown and bare spots, eradicating weeds, to nurturing stubborn grass to grow during drought or changing weather. 

Proper lawn aeration also assists in proper drainage of moisture and thusly encourages microfauna and microflora to become balanced in your garden or lawn soil. When there is too much or too little water, proper drainage will keep the soil from becoming too wet or dry and too compact or too loose to support the best conditions for excellent lawn health. We know exactly the right time to aerate your lawn soil and we have the perfect equipment and techniques needed to get the most out of the lawn aeration practice. 



Proper hydration is key to lawn health in any state, especially states like New Mexico, which can be too dry for most lawns to grow naturally without sprinkler support. Some of the biggest problems with self-watering, overhead, off-the-shelf sprinklers are over compaction of the soil and spotty coverage, which creates dead zones in lawn watering. In drier climates and for busier people, we at ABQ Lawn Care always recommend the installation of underground sprinkler systems to eliminate the possibility of these problems.

Gone are the days when you want to stand out in the garden and lawn with a green plastic hose, watering the lawn and trying to guess if you’ve saturated it enough. For areas like New Mexico with water restrictions during drought, it is always better to have the correct timing and amount of water distributed evenly all year round for your lawn and garden. We at ABQ Lawn Care will design and install the perfect size system and train you on the easy programming and proper usage to ensure correct watering every time. And if you have an existing system already installed and just need some consulting and maintenance or repair to it, we can help modify it, update it, or show you the best methods for getting the most out of your current irrigation.



Landscaping is a delicate operation. It is a highly subjective art form based on the tastes of the client, and subject to environmental or situational factors such as homeowner association rules, climate influences, and access to water and sunlight. We at ABQ Lawn Care feel that each landscaping project is like an artful painting and should be handled on a case-by-case basis given the conditions of the project as mentioned. However, from our years of experience in the field of landscaping, we have some tried and true methods of fulfilling all the necessary restrictions and needs, and translating those into a landscaping design that is personal to each client. If you can imagine it, we can create it. 

Whether you like low-water desert plants, large blossoming fruit trees, huge flower gardens in tall, natural grasses, or lean bushes with stark and classic cactus and rock beds, ABQ Lawn Care can assess your needs and provide exactly the right look to fit your landscaping vision. From design and planting, we can assist you in creating something special for your home or office garden, which sets your home apart from your neighbors. Once we know what you love, we will do our best to help you express your vision with the surrounding scenery you crave.



Xeriscape techniques of landscaping have gained in popularity over the last decade or two due to changing climates and specifically droughts in the Western United States. The term comes from Latin meaning ‘no water’ and the xeriscaping technique can be used to design beautiful garden and lawn landscapes with no or low water requirements without sacrificing aesthetic beauty. Desert environments such as New Mexico are perfect for implementing the xeriscape designs and processes for landscaping since desert plants naturally use little water and the region is full of natural low or no-water plants. The technique of xeriscaping helps to conserve water while also creating gorgeous front or back yard gardens to please even the most green thumbed lawn lover. 

We at ABQ Lawn Care know everything there is to know about xeriscaping and can design and install the perfect fit for your home or office garden using these techniques. From rock to cactus, succulent to blooming stems, we have a beautiful solution for your low or no-water garden needs. When water restrictions or garden care time is a factor for you, try the low maintenance approach to planting your landscaping with the xeriscaping method. Trust our specialty team to design a xeriscape garden that rivals the full-water garden of your wildest dreams, which will also surpass your vision while accommodating climate restrictions and ecological requirements.



ABQ Lawn Care specialists have the perfect way to roll out the green carpet for your next sod lawn. Using gorgeous, lush green sod, we will turn your home lot, backyard, or office lawn into a showplace with our specialized sod installation. Whether you are starting a new lawn or expanding or replacing your current lawn, ABQ can truly set your yard up for success with the most competitively priced and beautifully laid lawn. 

While laying sod seems simple enough to do-it-yourself, there are so many factors and issues to prepare before laying out your sod. From choosing the right type of grass to preparing the existing soil beforehand, sod installation can be fraught with challenges. Landscaping sod around trees, mixing sod around areas of wood chips or decks, and using different types of sods for different highlighted areas in your yard is an art form all its own. Leave it to a professional like ABQ Lawn Care to fulfill your every new lawn wish. You’ll be the toast of the town with your newly installed sod lawn of bright green to showcase your home sweet home.



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Trees are a beautiful ornament to any home or garden yard. Trees not only beautify the land, they have their own language and they communicate with one another to help nutrients to flow in the soil under the sod. Trees bring oxygen to any garden and help good bugs to proliferate in any garden. 

Whether you are renovating and need some dead limbs on trees removed, or you are adding onto your home or yard and need some trees removed, or you want new trees planted in your front or back yard, ABQ has the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to safely and correctly prune, remove, or plant trees to fit your specification. Anyone that has ever tried to cut down a tree near a house or plant a new tree in a front yard knows the worry and possible peril involved in the task. 

Don’t try cutting down that diseased or unwanted tree yourself. Leave it to the professionals at ABQ Lawn Care to remove and dispose of that tree properly, without harm to you or your property. And when you are planning your dream front yard, call on ABQ Lawn Care to help you design the best layout, choose the perfect variety, and install the loveliest trees to beautify your land, yard, garden, or office landscaping. 



Snow removal is key to providing access to you and your vehicles during the winter months even in southern states such as Albuquerque, NM. With frequent and large accumulations of snow particularly in the higher elevations in and around the city, nothing can be worse than getting stuck in the snow on your way to work or not being able to get in and out of your driveway for weekend getaways. 

We at ABQ have all the experience and equipment to keep your paths open for travel at any time during the snowy season. From small plows and snow blowers to large snow moving machines, we have all the right tools to make your winter break better than ever. Rely on us for last-minute snow removal during storms and emergencies. 

Forget the weekends filled with shoveling feet of snow out of your driveway and around your carport. Put the shovel back in the garage and save them for your winter excursions up to the ski hill when you hire ABQ to handle all your snow removal needs. Pack up your snow gear for your winter weekend family fun. Save the backache for the after skiing hot tub at the hot springs when you leave your winter snow removal to ABQ Lawn Care.