Imagine your front or back yard covered in soft, healthy, green sod grass where your children, family, friends, and pets can gather surrounded by nature at its best. At ABQ Lawn Care, we wish to provide you with the highest quality service and sod to make your lawn a showplace and a refuge for you to enjoy for living life to the fullest.


When you desire the healthiest and most gorgeous grass for your lawn, you may be looking for the best sod installation available in Albuquerque, NM. You should look no further than ABQ Lawn Care for your next fresh sod grass, as we are considered to be the leader in the field of greenery in the area.

We at ABQ Lawn Care have the most experience, the best equipment, and the proper knowledge to help you grow the most luscious lawn and garden to showcase and beautify your home.

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Sod installation is a perfect way to get the best grass for your yard, particularly in climates like New Mexico that can be prone to drought and high heat. Laying sod will ensure a beautiful lawn for most of the year, so it is both low maintenance and hearty. Lawn sod is not as expensive as one might think, and so instead of dealing with spotty grass with dead or bare spots all year round, planting sod will bring the beauty of a golf course right to your front yard.

When you purchase sod grass from ABQ Lawn Care, we guarantee you’ll love the sod installation results. When you want to have the best sod, the most beautiful lawn, and the lowest maintenance, you can choose to put down sod in your new home yard or after digging up old grass that may be difficult to keep looking lovely. At ABQ Lawn Care, we offer the best sod available on the market today, so you can rest easy knowing that your sod grass installation will be excellent!

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Prepping for sod is simple, but also labor intensive. If you already have grass planted, there would be a process of killing and removing the old grass first. If you are building a new home, and need the perfect front yard for your family to enjoy, the ground would likewise need to be prepped first. At ABQ Lawn Care, we are experts in the practice of procuring the best sod, prepping the ground, and installing the perfect sod for your lawn. Through the process of aerating the soil, laying the sod squares or rolls of sod, getting it seeded and rooted, to showing you the best methods for new sod care for the future, we will ensure your sod investment will yield the healthiest lawn you can expect from us.

We at ABQ have excellent relationships with the local sod farms to get the best prices and healthiest green grass for your home or office yard. And the cost of sod compared to seeding grass is not exorbitant or cost prohibitive at all. Our clients are always surprised when they call for sod installation prices to find that it is not nearly as significant as one might imagine. When you call us, we can give you quotes for the square footage prices, explain the amount of pallets of sod to expect, and answer all your questions about the cost of new yard sod. All we need is the approximate square footage you need, and we can begin the process of explaining the costs. We can also explain the new sod care plans you will need to follow in order to continually nourish and maintain your new sod grass. Since we are the leader in new sod companies in Albuquerque, we can guarantee that we are both committed to great customer service and stellar lawn sod installation.

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While there are so many types of sod grass to choose from around the world, only a few types are just right for the southern climates such as in New Mexico. One of the best types of sod lawns we frequently install is zoysia grass sod. You will see it regularly used for golf courses and parks because it is thick, tough, and perfectly green for most of the year until the winter months when it can turn brown and go dormant. Zoysia grass sod is durable, made to withstand lots of traffic like walking, running, playing of animals and children as well as adults, and produces the most beautiful lawn color of deep green.

Zoysia sod cost is comparable to other types of grass, and yet is so much more resistant to drought, heat, and difficult conditions, so it is perfect for the New Mexico climate. It is one of the heartiest varieties of lawn sod, so we always recommend it over other types of grass. At ABQ, we are certain you will love the look of zoysia so much that you will show it off to your friends and family with pride and excitement.

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Making the investment in your home or office garden by installing sod lawn grass is an important decision for any family. When examining your needs for low maintenance lawn care, nothing compares to working with a highly reputable, local sod laying company such as ABQ Lawn Care. We will listen to your needs, help determine the best type of lawn sod, procure the perfect sod from local farms, prepare your soil, and roll out the green carpet for your home or office garden and lawn.

When you arrive home for your weekend of family fun, you will be amazed at how welcoming your lawn will feel when you have ABQ Lawn Care install your new lawn sod. And combined with an in-ground or above ground automatic sprinkler system, maintenance of your new sod grass will be easy and stress-free. And isn’t that what you need after a long week of work? When you choose ABQ Lawn Care to handle all your lawn and garden needs, you can rest and relax while we provide the sweat and expertise to turn your home into a showplace. Enjoy the fruits of our labor while you live in and love your lawn for life with ABQ Lawn Care.

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